Christmas in Basel Revisited

This is my least favorite time of year. The ramp up to the holidays is over. The trees are coming down. And most disappointingly for me and my two year old like-minded elves, the lights are going dark.

Today, I’m sitting in front of a roaring fire, avoiding taking the decorations off this year’s christmas tree, which – like last year’s – will live on planted in the girls’ faerie garden out back. I’m trying to squeeze the very last bit of tinsel, glitter and glow out of a fabulous Christmas, with help from these photos from my December trip to Basel. If you didnt get there in 2014, make sure to mark your calendar for this year. After all, no one does Christmas better and brighter than Basel!

Wham! bam, thank you… Sass Fe!

What’s better than Christmas in Basel? Not much, but for Wham! fans and bargain-hunting skiers alike, Sass Fe is serving up something even my frugal-minded Frau couldn’t resist!

Ready for the slopes!
Ready for the slope!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the filming of the Wham! hit song video “Last Christmas,” Sass Fe is offering deals at 1984-like prices! Find out more in this article here.

PS The Swiss location of the Wham! video shoot is also an excellent trivia question for those awkward silences at the upcoming company holiday ‘do!

Half off!

Swiss Hotels
Two words that make my heart go pitter-patter. It takes just one train trip to discover the benefits of the Swiss Railway’s half fare card, but did you know there is now a half-fare card for hotels, too? Neither did I!

At they are boasting half-off a good selection of hotels in “German-speaking Europe”. I haven’t used the service yet (like the Swiss railway card, there is an annual fee for the card), but a friend who investigated it felt it would take a few trips to make it worthwhile. Still, with the cost of a Swiss hotel practically equal to some countries’ GDP, it may be worth further investigation.