Who’s Your Daddy?

daddy basel.jpg

Let’s face it. No matter who your Daddy is, Switzerland is a Father’s Day dream come true.

The Swiss may be out of the running in the EUFA Euro Cup 2008 (insert sobbing noises here), but you can still give your favorite sports fanatic a great football gift from the FC Basel Fanshop (St. Jakob-Strasse, tel: 061 272 9250). Or how about a weekend at the Hotel Caprice in Wengen to explore the great outdoors (and take his mind off the matches)?

If your Dad likes things on the cutting edge – literally – head to Messerschmiede (Glockengasse 4) in Basel for all things knife-like. He’ll be thrilled with a Swiss army knife, complete with computer flash drive, German-made steak knives, or a full set of wood carving tools. Any father will cut a fine figure with a gift from Emporio Armani (Aeschenvorstadt 55) or Herren Globus (Freie Strasse 50) or Lacoste.

If Pop’s a hop-head, why not get him a Meter of Beer from Paul Ullrich or perhaps a bottle from their wide selection of single-malts and locally made kirsch. Meat-loving dads will enjoy a man-sized steak at El Gaucho Restaurant in Lörrach, Germany.

A Swiss railway clock or watch is a timely gift for Dads on the run. Head over to the SBB and get one straight from the source. Or splurge on one of Basel’s own Zeno Watches. With its exposed watch mechanism, its sure to please the gear-head in your life. Don’t forget Swatch for fun-loving Dads. Of course, if he’s a cheese-head, like mine, you’ve almost no choice but to take your mister for the multi-course cheese meal at Monsieur Antony’s.

Finally, for a truly Swiss treat, head over to the Heimatwerk Shop in Basel ( Schneidergasse 2 61-261-9178) and pick up something every Dad truly needs: cowbells and lederhosen.

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