Fondue to Go-Go

Fondue a Go Go

Just when you thought fondue couldn’t get any better – now you can get it to go!

I was innocently wandering the the stalls of the Basel Herbstmesse (Autum Fair) in a post-raclette coma when I spied some suspicious activity. Person after person was carefully balancing what looked like a baguette filled with yellow goo. Could it be? No. I shook my head at the thought and walked home. But like any cheese addict, I sensed a good fix.

Fast forward to today. Unable to resist any longer, I elbowed through the crowd to stand in the long line in front of a simple wooden booth. The cryptic sign said simply “Dr.  Chaesbaenger.” Indeed. Five minutes and 8 CHF later, I was holding my own precious portable fondue – melted cheese ladled smack dab in the middle of a bun. Based on the signage, I suspect the name of this magical creation is “Chaesbaenger” but I cannot say for sure. By the time I reached the counter I had whipped myself into a state of “antis-cheese-pation” so great that I simply pointed and squeeked out “einmal, bitte.” 

Whatever its name, this port-a-fondue is quite simply the most perfect carni food ever. Each garlicy, gooey and tasty bite takes your taste buds on a journey straight into the bottom of a Swiss fondue pot.  Although the first few mouthfuls can be a bit dicey, what with all that overflowing melted gold, overall it is surprisingly easy to eat neatly and is a fantastically satisfying and toasty treat on a chilly Swiss afternoon.

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