Shockingly Good Schoki

Hot Chocolate Basel

Snow is falling in Basel. And when that happens, I find that the best thing to do is cozy up to a steaming bowl of hot chocolate.  Not too sweet. NO marshmallows, thank you very much (tho my little man, Oliver, begs to differ). While I usually make my own, using my bulk-bought Vahlrona cocoa I bought in Paris at G. Detou, a fabulous baking supply store, I am always in search of great cocoa-makers.

So imagine my molten-chocolate glee, the first time I tried the heisse schoki (hot chocolate) at Cafe zum Roten Engel, a charming little cafe tucked away in an equally charming little square called Andreasplatz, about two blocks from the Marktplatz in Basel.

Not only does the cafe make a great, creamy and foamy schoki (4.90 CHF for a large bowl) that will warm the (non) alpine chill right off your bones, the place also has gobs of Euro atmosphere. Featuring small marble-topped tables packed tightly together, a simple menu scrawled on the chalkboard behind a rustic wooden counter, it can make you feel like a local from the moment you step foot inside.
In warm months, stop by and sit outside by the fountain for tasty fresh-squeezed orangesaft (orange juice) and people-watching on the ‘platz’.

Café zum Roten Engel

+41 61 261 20 07,

Andreasplatz 15, near Marktplatz

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