June 2007


Wondering the Bâlehoo Newsletter – or its author – had fallen into the Rhine? 9. Actually the drink I fell into was the Pacific (and a really good margarita). That’s right, I just moved from lovely Basel to Los Angeles, and in the midst of the moving madness, Bâlehoo has been on the backburner.

But no longer! I am pleased to announce that while I bask in the California sunshine, fellow US expat Matt Meehan will be taking over the B̢lehoo newsletter from now on. Matt, in his infinite wisdom (or insanity) has decided to embark on a career as a freelance writer in Basel, after more than a dozen years coddled in the warm bosom of the Pharmaceutical industry. He will bring his own special perspective to B̢lehoo Рmaybe a dash more sports, a sprinkle more history, a little less A1 sauce Рbut you can expect the same irreverent tone and an even broader knowledge base that will ensure that B̢lehoo becomes a fixture across the Three Nations Area.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Bâlehoo! You made it a lot of fun! And make sure to keep sending Matt your suggestions, event notices and other ideas at matt.meehan@balehoo.com

Now, back to that margarita. Have a great summer!


Does the only screwdriver in your house involve vodka and orange juice? Do you think a stud is another word for Brad Pitt? If you’re all thumbs when it comes to household projects, put down the power tools, pick up the phone and call Terry Shoebridge. This English-speaking expat, who lives in Basel, can tackle a broad range of household projects and repairs. For me, he has hung oversize pictures, removed light fixtures, and repaired a broken showerhead – and even provided me with some interesting tidbits about the construction of my turn-of-the-century apartment. Working at lightening speed and charging a reasonable hourly rate Terry is truly a Basel treasure!

Terry Shoebridge
Handy Man
Mobile:+ 41 (0)76 566 1893 8522


I never managed to make it to this spa, which enjoys an excellent reputation, but wanted to pass it on. If you’ve been, shoot Matt an email (matt.meehan@balehoo.com) and let him know how it was: http://www.soleuno.ch/

Looking to buy (or sell) a car? In addition to http://www.autoclick.ch/, you can also check out www.autoscout24.ch.


Getting a reservation at this highly touted Basel restaurant was almost as difficult as getting rid of all the junk I had stored in my keller – but that’s another story. Each night features a single menu offering (fish, meat, etc), so if you keep getting shut out of the 20-seat space, try Wednesday “Vegetarian” night where Basel’s meat eaters seem to get scared off (Note: when I went, both vegetarian and meat dishes were offered).

The open kitchen (they offer cooking classes, too – call for info) and minimalist décor give the restaurant a sophisticated feel, which is always a nice surprise in Basel.

Another nice surprise? The (fixed) price. Lunch salad or soup, main course, and water and coffee for 35 CHF while dinner is a veritable bargain at 65 CHF for a starter, main course, and dessert. My meal started with an amuse bouche of vitello tonnato followed by an amazingly fresh ratatouille. I selected sautéed veal for my main course, which was perfectly cooked and tender.

Winers will enjoy it, too. The restaurant has an interesting wine list, heavy on Swiss wines, or you can opt to enjoy your meal with a chef-recommended wine pairing for each course.

Make sure to save some wine for dessert, where you can choose from a fresh-made desserts or a cheese plate (my choice) made with cheeses from venerable “cheese man to the stars” – Monsieur Antony.

Bon Vivant
Zwingerstrasse 10
4053 Basel
Phone +41 61 361 79 00


If your favorite course is the cheese course no matter what the restaurant, skip Bon Vivant and go directly to the source: Bernard Antony.

My name is Karena Meehan and I am a cheese-aholic. Like any addict, I am always looking for a good, local source. So, imagine my delight when I discovered that I live just 30 minutes away from France’s most venerable affineur (cheese ager).

Located in the Alsatian town of Vieux-Ferrette, Bernard Antony ages and supplies fromage to several of France’s most renowned restaurants – and has even provided cheese to the President of France!

But you don’t have to be royalty to meet this “King of Cheeses.” Take a trip into the rolling hills of the Alsace and you can have the cherubic Antony or his son personally guide you through an experience unlike any other – a multi-course cheese extravaganza, complete with wine pairings (make sure to designate a driver or arrange transport so you can enjoy it fully).

From the first course of chèvre chaud through the seven heavenly cheese courses (Cost: approx 80 Euros, excluding wine) that follow, you can enjoy a festive Alsatian evening spent knee-deep in some of the best cheese you’ve ever had. (Don’t forget, you can buy some more at the retail counter to take home!) For the faint-of-heart – or simply heart-conscious – Antony also offers a three-course tasting for approximately 11 euros that is perfect for lunch.

Bernard Antony
Eleveur de fromages
5 Rue de la Montagne
68480 vieux Ferrette
Tel: +33 (0)3 89 40 42 22


Hungry, but don’t want to leave the house? Find out how 5 CHF can bring dinner to your door.

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